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Top 10 lip colours to rock this season!

From cherry red lips at Zac Posen and Victoria Beckham to shimmering gold hues at Prada, the lip colour trends for S/S16 are a refreshing and fun blend of the classic and the futuristic. Here are the top 10 picks for this season!


How can we reinvent things? Modifying their size? Reimagining their shape? Launching them in other distinctive markets or finding new purposes for them? If we embodied all these techniques in one product the possibilities could be endless. We could turn a book into a bicycle, a wallpaper into nail paint or in this case, even a woollen dress into the vivid grains of a makeup palette. Yves Saint Laurent, the illustrious French fashion designer, celebrated for establishing the tuxedo suit for women and acquiring numerous other iconic achievements, designed the Mondrian dress for the Fall/Winter 1965 collection as commendation to the modern artist Piet Mondrian. This dress was influenced by the the prominent Neo-Plasticism work by Mondrian that featured structured blocks stained in primary colours and divided by graphic lines. The shift dress soon gained popularity as ‘the dress of tomorrow’ due to its flattering silhouette infused through the linear and bold graphic lines as well as for epitomising the eminent mod trend of that decade. Reaching a little above the knee, this dress was divided in boxes emulating a canvas. Along with the modest use of primary colours, the dress featured white and black accents to add depth to the vivid hues. In 2014, the brand brought back this iconic memory in an absolutely reimagined format. The meticulous bright boxes were transformed from fabric to coloured grains to form an eyeshadow palette. This couture palette comes in eleven different colour combinations, some bold that reflect the dress to perfection, and some more subtle, that are just as enticing as the dress. Retailing at $60, these palettes come with five rich and intense colours each. They give a new meaning to makeup, as instead of just falling into the market for beauty, they embody fashion. Described as the ‘ultimate accessory for the eyes,’ they blend soft sultry colours with bold sizzling hues for an optimal look.

Image courtesy Yves Saint Laurent

Image courtesy Yves Saint Laurent

  This is another classic example of then and now. However it takes this concept further by employing fashion from the past into a new market and therefore adding value to the product. As the writers of the film ‘Confession of a shopaholic’ once wrote, ‘cost and worth are very different things.’ The price we pay for the makeup palette might be appropriate for the exceptional quality product we receive, however the art and fashion that inspired this palette elevates its worth. Hence, we are not only buying a makeup palette designed by a luxury brand for the 60 dollars, but instead buying a product that will always echo of an iconic movement in the fashion, beauty and and the art industry. 


As a middle school history student I often used to wonder how learning about what had already passed and ceased to exist would be valuable to us. As I grew up, I acquired that we constantly employ history and our past to draw inspiration from, wether it may be in the field of healthcare, art, gastronomy, fashion, music or even our own personal lives. hrough the past decade there have been many examples of choosing an iconic object or technique from the 20th century and recreating it to adapt to the modern market. This process of reinventing gives life to a dead product or technique as well as tingles the consumer’s emotions as it gives us a sense of nostalgia, hence giving it an intangible edge. Last season, for SS15, Ferragamo rendered a similar approach where the brand picked some of the most iconic shoes fabricated in the early 20th century and reinterpreted their unique features in a contemporary fashion. The renowned “rainbow wedge” designed for Judy Garland in 1938 was reinvented in three distinctive forms, the ‘Matilda,’ the ‘Matisse’ and the ‘Miley.’ All three of these wedges are inspired by the 1938 wedge but are augmented by fusing adept workmanship with improved technology such as high frequency. Photo courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo Photo courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo These shoes illustrate enhanced contrast of raw materials against precious materials such as leather with linen and lizard with canvas. Instead of the vivid hues used for the Garland wedge, these wedges are submerged in neutral hues of black, white and cream. These colours are further elevated by the glow of metals used on the buckle, making it a modern combination of subtle and luminous. Available in three individual styles, such as an open-toed sandal and a thong sandal, consumers can choose a style most suitable to their lifestyle and liking. There are multiple benefits of drawing inspiration from the past, but the paramount advantage in this case comes from allowing customers to purchase modern products with a rich history, hence selling a bit more than just the tangible product itlsef, as the customer becomes a part of this iconic product’s story.


Fashion is commonly recognised as a means of expressing oneself. However, this multi-billion dollar industry possesses the ability to do much more. Through his capsule collection, ‘Les Nudes’ Louboutin employs fashion as a catalyst to diminish racial ignorance and reshape the interpretation of ‘nude.’ Christian Louboutin, the French born designer famous for his signature red tinted soles, has stores in over twenty countries that are distributed in five continents and cater to multiple nationalities. Before 2013, the only shade obtainable as‘nude,’ by the women belonging to these various races was a pale peach and was chronicled to be ‘flesh toned.’ Numerous other designers and high street brands manipulate the idea of the colour ‘nude’ in shoes, undergarments and makeup by vending a soft beige colour that would only be fitting for a restricted percentage of the caucasian race. However, Louboutin revolutionised the market for flesh coloured products by launching a capsule collection in 2013 that allowed women of every colour to customise the tone nude to their own skin tone. This collection for further expanded in 2015.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

  This was a monumental breakthrough in the fashion industry as the vast gap in the market had been filled by the 5 simple shades of nude. An accompanying app was introduced in order to allow consumers to match their skin tone with a particular shoe. This entitled each woman to benefit from the shoes being a ‘fluid extension of’ their legs and hence elongating their frame by merging into themselves. To introduce this priceless notion, Louboutin employed some of there most iconic shoes such a as the Fifi and the Kate and relaunched them in a greater assortment of nude shades. These styles have been proffered as classic Louboutin shoe designs for many years and have now been reimagined to fit a greater number of women, etching the brand profoundly global. This strategy is sincerely modern as the shoes have become a global phenomena. The brand took pre-existing iconic shoes and transformed the into an abstract form of social commentary. Louboutin has fabricated a revolution which will remind other high end and high street brands to use the expression ‘nude’ conscientiously.

Take A Peek Inside the best Celebrity Closets

Latest Shoes Trends

Image courtesy:

Lets face it. We all know that walk in closets are irresistible on their own. However, when they are laced with shoes in every fabric, colour and style along with dozens of summer dresses and designer handbags, they become even more enticing. Here is a collection of the most desirable celebrity closets:

Shop the best celebrity summer street style!

Here is a list of the 5 best examples of celebrity street style from summer 2016. From jumpsuits to maxis and from cropped tops to flannels, these celebrities have styled their outfits in a fresh yet iconic way this summer.  Explore the exact designs adorned by your favourite celebs as well as their affordable alternative below!  

1. Selena Gomez's breezy summer denim combo

Selena Gomez's denim outfit is perfect for windy summer afternoons and going shopping on the weekends. The flared jacket compliments the summer breeze while the strappy sandals are an ideal summer must have!
Image courtesy:

Image courtesy:

  Shop the same look here:
  Shop the affordable alternatives here:

Image courtesy:

Image courtesy:

  Shop the same look here: Shop the affordable alternatives here:
Image courtesy:

Image courtesy:

  Shop the same look here: Blake Lively has alway been a pioneer of fashion and style. Through this look, Lively adds a quirky twist to a fitted white jumpsuit. This outfit is ideal for formal lunches and day parties in the summer. The red heels add a bold and flawless kick to this look.
Image courtesy:

Image courtesy:

Shop the same shoes here:

  Clio Sandals by Charlotte Olympia, £200

  Shop the affordable alternatives here:


Bella Hadid's cropped sweatshirt and tights form the ultimate comfy summer outfit. It's perfect for coffee runs and picnics in the park. The trainers will keep  you snug all day while the while the leather bag will add panache to your outfit.   Shop the same look here:

Revisit of the PussyBow blouse

This season, investing in an iconic trend just might give your wardrobe the innovative edge you were looking for. Along with the deep cut refined jumpsuits and the fiery furs making a comeback from the 70s, the classic Pussybow blouse has been right on trend this fall. This versatile article of clothing was seen styled with pencil skirts and preppy pants on the runway by brands such as Gucci, Chloe, Ryan Lo, Pucci and Bottega Veneta. No more a strict ladylike silhouette, this blouse has been reinvigorated to evocate the timeless bohemian style of the 70s. Its versatility allows the garment to be styled from day to night and from work to dinner. Day look using the PussyBow blouse: Blouse: Forever21, Shorts: Primark, Sandals: Forever21 Sling bag: Tory Burch     Available here iPhone case: Moschino   Available here Lipstick: Revlon              Available here My favourite PussyBow blouse picks:   Moschino £289.90

  Celine £134.21  

Quiz: Which handbag should you invest in this fall?

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Quiz: Can you pronounce the names of your favourite fashion brands correctly?

How To Successfully Intern In The World Of Fashion

Through the first two years of my undergraduate education at London College of Fashion, I have interned four times, been offered eight internships, and applied to multiple ones in the world of fashion. However, first lets stop and face the cold hard truth. Finding a good fashion internship, specially in India, is as rare as finding a comfortable pair of Zara ballet pumps. I too started off thoroughly stumped on how to form a resume, how to write a cover letter and how to find the right internships to apply to. Beginning to apply for your first internship can be a scary endeavour, however the right technique stirred with a kickass resume can take you very far. The steps of successfully interning in the world of fashion:

  • Form a CV
  • Discover and study available internships online.
  • Form a cover letter according to the internship you're applying for
  • Send in your application (with links to a portfolio where applicable)
  • Attend the interview

1. Forming a CV

A good CV should outline your education history, any past work experience, your interests and any skills or techniques  you specialise in such as photography, Adobe Photoshop or blogging. The interests and skills you list can be and should be adapted for each internship you apply for. Concentrate on making your CV look formal and professional by choosing an appropriate font and template.

2. Finding internships online

Websites for finding and applying to fashion internships: India: London: These websites list internships, placements, apprenticeships, part time and full time jobs in the fashion industry and can be used to apply for a range of high street and high end brands, magazines and studios.

3. Forming a cover letter

Your cover letter can make or break you. It is advisable to modify and alter your cover letter for each internship or job you apply to. Certain skills and experiences should be highlighted depending on what kind of job you're applying for. For the cover letter that I write, I always make sure to talk about three things.
  1. My education background and how those skills will help me in the internship
  2. My interning experience in the past
  3. What I understand about the brand and why I would be an ideal candidate
In my experience I have found that a cover letter can be more important than your resume. If your cover letter explicitly showcases your knowledge of the brand and how your education and experience makes you a perfect candidate for an internship position, you are pretty much guaranteed an interview.

4. Apply

This step is pretty standard. Send in your application with your CV and your cover letter to the email address provided on the website. You can also apply for internships that are not listed. Simply go on the website of the firm you want to apply to and find their email address for career inquiries.

5. Interview

It can seem daunting, but the interview is the simplest step to getting an internship. In my experience, if they call you, they are already impressed with your resume and the interview’s main purpose is to discover your aims through this internship and to explain to you what your daily duties might be. Just seem confident and sure of your intent to intern and ask questions about your job description or about the business in general. If you are offered an internship, it is essential to make contacts and get to know people in the industry through your time as an intern. This helps you connect with and understand other areas of the fashion industry and the relationships you form will help you further break into the world of fashion and establish yourself. Internships can seem tedious and demanding but they are the first step to walking into the fashion industry. So kick back your sneakers, put on your high heels and step into this phenomenal world of mode.

How to style your Kimono like a fashion blogger.

Kimonos have been one of the hottest trends this year. They transition seamlessly from summer to autumn and can elevate any outfit. You can style them with pants, skirts, shorts, dresses and basically anything you want. Learn how the best fashion bloggers have been styling this fashion accessory.

1) She Wears Fashion

Image courtesy of  

Image courtesy of

Add glamour and length to a cute bustier and shorts by wearing a long printed Kimono like Kavita from She Wears Fashion.

2) Koko Luxe

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

Upgrade your classic LBD with a 'luxe' Kimono. This fun printed Kimono transitions your cliché little black dress into a modern fashion look.

3) What Pixies Wear

Image courtesy of

courtesy of

Layer your Kimono with a printed shirt, pants and a clutch for semi-formal day look. The colour of the pants complements the colours in the Kimono while the monochrome clutch adds a pop of colour.  

4) My White T

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Add a rich colour to a simple outfit by wrapping around a beautiful embellished Kimono. The mixture of the florals, velvet and fringe embossed in the Kimono truly bring exclusivity to this simple yet luxe look.

How to style culottes like a celebrity.

Culottes have been all the rage this season. From fashion bloggers to models to celebrities, everyone who is a someone in the fashion world owns at least one pair of these stylish pants. Here is how you can style culottes like a celebrity:  



Matching crop tops and bottoms have been another major trend this season. Steal Rihanna's monochrome style by matching a crop top to your culottes.

      All images courtesy of

How to look chic even on lazy Sundays

Hair up. Bra out. Sweatpants on. We all love to dress down on Sundays and spend the day in bed flicking through magazines, catching up on our favourite TV shows and stalking our favourite celebs on Instagram. However, no one said lazy equals drab. Here is a list of the cutest pyjamas, fuzzy slippers and snuggly robes to help you look and feel totally chic even while lazing around with your hair up and no makeup on:  

  1. Alyson Cami Slip Dress, Free People £78
  2. Sweet Dreams Pink Slippers, Missguided £10   4. Paisely Print Cropped PJ Set, Missguided £22   5. Polka Dot Socks With Lace Trim, Asos £4   6. White Heart Dressing Gown, New Look £14.99 7. Ripped Jogger, Asos Lounge £20   8. Paisley Print Cami Pyjama Set, Missguided £20.00   9. Leopard Print Slipper Boot, House Of Fraser £20   10. Isla Satin Slip, Asos £22.00

Giveaway: Win a £100 Asos Giftcard!

In order to celebrate the one year anniversary of Dreaming In Lace and the launch of the new website, we bring you a chance to win an Asos gift voucher worth £100! Remember to complete all four steps in order to successfully enter the giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Find The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type

We all have a favourite pair of jeans that enhances our curves or a go-to blouse that slims down our waist. Dressing for your body type can give your confidence a major kick as you can enhance your best features by simply choosing the best cut garment for your body type. We have broken down the facets of each body type and provided a list of ideal dresses you can wear to embrace and enhance your figure:   1 If you have fuller hips and bust with a narrow waist, you have an hourglass body. You should choose dresses that highlight your curves by cinching your waist.  Wear A Wrap Dress: A wrap dress will cinch in your small waist and highlight your curves Latest Fashion Style

Stripe Wrap Midi Dress with Cape Detail, Asos £38

Untitled-2Best Fashion Style

Wrap Maxi Dress in Jersey Crepe, Asos £38

Untitled-2Latest Fashion For Girls

Max Azria Hallee Sleevless Wrap Dress with Ikat Print, BCBG £171


If you have narrow shoulders and a smaller waist with curvy hips and thick thighs, you have a pear-shaped body. You should choose dresses that enhance your upper body and conceals your bottom half in order to create a balanced silhouette. 

Try A Patterned or Bardot Fit & Flare Dress: A patterned top or a bardot style dress will enhance your upper half while the fit & flare style will conceal your lower half

Black Dress For Women

Lace Top Skater Dress, Missguided £45

Untitled-2Best Celebrity Dresses

Satin Bardot Fit+Flare, Oasis £70


Latest Summer Style

Off Shoulder Mini Dress, Asos £15

Untitled-2 3 If you have a heavier top with a full bust and broad shoulders and a smaller lower half with slender legs and hips, you have an apple-shaped body. You should choose dresses that take attention away from your upper body and midsection by highlighting your legs.  Try Dresses With An Empire Waistline: An empire waist line will cinch in your upper body at its smallest section, creating a flattering silhouette. Latest Fashion Trends

Empire Channel Midi Dress, Warehouse £49Untitled-2Celebrity Fashion in UK

Skater Dress with High Waist Line, Essential Antwerp £171Untitled-2Fashion Trends in UK

Deep V Dress With Tie Up Detail At Waist And Frill Detail, Reclaimed Vintage £45



Banana-shaped bodies are sometimes also referred to as rectangle bodies. If you have an athletic body with toned arms and a bust and hips of roughly the same size, you have a banana-shaped body. You should choose dresses  Try A-Line Dresses: A-line dresses are narrower at the waist and flare at the hips creating a curvier figure. New Fashion in UK

Checked Dress, Zara £49.99Untitled-2Women Fashion in UK

A- Line Dress With Neckline Staps, Pull & Bear £9.99

Untitled-2Latest Fashion Trends For Women

Frill A-Line Shift Dress, Asos £40


Ferragamo drivers: Adding your own identity to luxury shoes

Who doesn't covet a pair of indulgent Ferragamo shoes that have been individualised to their own style and identity? Recently, a modern trend in the world of luxury fashion has been the introduction of a made to order or customisation service for pre-existing iconic products. Brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Burberry have all indulged in this concept with a choice of their iconic handbags, scarves and shoes. This year Salvatore Ferragamo launched a modern made to order rendering of an emblem of the brands legacy and their diligence to innovation, the renowned driving shoes. These shoes fit right into a polished and refined wardrobe of a cosmopolitan jet-setter and now empower customers to fashion their own interpretation reflecting their individuality. The customers are enabled to voyage in the discipline of artisanship by nominating the materials, colours and hardware that combine together to mould their perfect shoe. This special service promotes exclusivity and develops a connection between the customer and the brand. The shoes showcase novelty derived from the standard Ferragamo moccasins integrated with the modelling of a modern shoe. Significant durability has been engineered by technologically refurbishing the soul with the inclusion of rubber inserts. Being ergonomically fit, the shoes offers exceptional resilience. Along with a notable sole construction, the shoes feature the hallmark Gancio symbol. Customers can choose from an array of luxury materials such as crocodile, ostrich and calf. The colour options range from classic black to ultramarine and optical white. The colour of the sole and the lettering on shoe are also available for customisation and all these preferences can be submitted easily through the online web configurator at home or in the store. In this modern world where luxury fashion is becoming a necessity for many and designer handbags are replacing diamonds as a girl’s best friend, customisation brings a unique advantage to the customer where it induces exclusivity and personal preference. After all, what can be better than designing your own exclusive pair of Ferragamo shoes?

Fall Fridays: 13 Sweaters To Rock This Season

Fall is our favourite time of the year at Dreaming In Lace. Our snug boots make a reappearance, scarves become all the rage, and best of all, we get to wear our chic sweaters again. This year, Dreaming In Lace will be unveiling a new series called Fall Fridays. Every Friday, we will present you with a lush list of Fall fashion to stock your wardrobes with this season. Check back every Friday for your weekly dose of Fall fashion! Here is a list of our top picks of Fall sweaters to rock this season:

Evolution of the Little Black Dress

I woke up around noon this morning and began my meticulous morning routine of scrolling through Instagram. I stumbled upon a quote featuring 8 simple words and was immediately engaged.

'Only weak people don't wear black in the summer'
Being an avid enthusiast of black garments, I couldn't agree with the quote more. So I decided to blog about the most quintessential black article of clothing in the world's history: The LBD. Pioneered by Coco Chanel and popularised by Audrey Hepburn through the classic film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', the LBD has reputed itself as a polished and alluring choice for many women over decades. Here is a recount of the ageless staple through the years:

Discover the 3 Hottest Trends For A/W16!

London Fashion Week has finally come to a close after a glamorous and star-studded 7 days in London. Dreaming In Lace attended the 'Catwalk: Trend' show at London Fashion Weekend this year in order to break down the top 3 trends for you to rock this season. All three trends have been seen before on the runway. However, it's the fresh new take on these trends by designers that is going to make heads turn this year. Here is a breakdown of the hottest trends for A/W16:  

Trend 1: Velvet Affair


Valentino AW16. Image Source:

Velvet has made a huge comeback this season. By integrating this fabric into dresses, skirts, blouses, boots and handbags, designers have cultivated this fabric to be extremely versatile this season. With the array of bright coloured dresses and blouses, it is very easy to incorporate velvet into our day looks instead of simply reserving it for the night.   Top velvet picks on the high street:


Crushed Velvet Top, Zara £15.99


Printed Velvet Dress, Zara £49.99Untitled-2image1xxl-2

Velvet Strappy Wrap Dress, Boohoo £20.00


Wide Fit Velvet Platform Heeled Sandal, New Look £29.99

Untitled-2 image1xxl

Mini Velvet Backpack, Pull & Bear £15.99


Trend 2: Return of the 80s


Lanvin A/W16. Image courtesy: Elle Uk

The 80s flair was seen in abundance from a variety of designers through the fashion week. With a focus on evening-wear, fashion houses such as Saint Laurent presented dresses ad coats with dramatic shoulders and a body hugging waist line. Leaving behind the 70s style fur and flared pants to last year, this season will be all about the 80s daring ruffles and ruching.   Top 80s picks on the high street: image1xxl-4

Ruffle High Neck Jumper, Vera Moda £35.00Untitled-2dp05684121_large_m_3

Cobalt Blue Frill Top, Dorothy Perkins £24.00


Cut Out Pencil Dress With Asymmetric Skirt In Large Floral, Ginger Fizz £35.00


Batwing Ruched Plunge Swimsuit, Asos £35.00


Skinny Metal Belt, Asos £20


Trend 3: Winter Florals


Marchesa AW16. Image courtesy: Elle Australia

Florals have been thoroughly reinvented for AW16. No longer simply a trend for spring and summer, florals are going to take over the colder months this year. Winter florals were seen repeatedly on the runway this year. Designers used florals with deeper colours and beautiful embroidery to truly transform it into a winter trend.   Top winter floral picks on the high street: 4043083800_2_2_1

Floral Embroidered Bomber Jacket, Zara £59.99


Oversized Sheer T-Shirt with 3D Floral Embellishment, Asos £40


Premium Floral Maxi Dress, Asos £130


Plunge Floral Jacquard Dress, Topshop £75.00


Floral Cut Out Heeled Ankle Boots, Lost Ink £38.00

Colour, Draw, Doodle, Learn and Design Fashion with this book!

Best Fashion Books

Image courtesy:

Who says colouring is only for the young? Imagine having a book where you could colour and draw into the world's greatest fashion inventions. Nina Chakrabarti has presented the world with two books pack full of exquisite fashion illustrations that inspire the readers to create and design their own accessories, garments and patterns. Fashioning your own henna design, creating sequined jackets, inventing unique hairstyles and learning about renowned designers such as Elsa Schiaparelli are just some of the activities available in the books. The books are also full of fun fashion advise such as how to tie a handkerchief into a head scarf, how to die a t-shirt and how to tie a sari. Moreover, the books celebrate old cultures by illustrating fragments of their hairstyles, clothing and accessories. Here is a glimpse into 'My Wonderful World of Fashion,' and 'My Even More Wonderful World Of Fashion' by Nina Chakrabarti: World of Fashion Buy Now Fashion Books 2016 Buy Now

9 last minute New Year’s outfits from £20 to £200

Still confused about what to wear this New Year's eve? Here are 10 last minute ideas full of sparkle and glamour ranged between £20 to £200.

7 Liquid Lipsticks You Need To Try Right Now!

Wether you are into sultry reds or subtle nudes, lipsticks are an everyday essential that is always present in our makeup bags. We are constantly in  search for lipsticks that have a great colour pay-off, as well come in brilliant shades. Liquid lipsticks are a great formula that doesn't allow the product to crack up on your lips like some conventional lipsticks often do. The colours can also be built up in intensity with each layer, allowing you to choose from a range of looks. Here is a slideshow of our top 7 picks of liquid lipsticks you should invest in right now!

6 books every fashion girl needs to buy now!

“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” ~Edna Woolman Chase You might not be able to purchase style in the form of clothes, shoes and accessories, but these 10 books can definitely inspire and augment your inner aesthetic and fashion style.

1) Fashion by DK

Fashion by DK Fashion traces the transformation of style and costumes over the past 3000 years. The book comes with a foreword by the very own Caryn Franklin, serving as 'your own personal fashion show through history.' Fashion renders over 1,500 garments and costumes from across the globe in the form of striking photography and archived imagery. Moreover, the book also comes with special features on renowned fashion icons in the industry such as Alexander McQueen and Jackie Onassis. Buy Now

2) Fashion that changed the world by Jennifer Croll

Fashion Trends Fashion that changed the world serves as an encyclopedia of every great milestone in the fashion industry such as Vogue's first cover and the manifestation of ready to wear clothing. The book discusses decades of fashion history along with contemporary fashion with topics ranging from Elizabeth 1's 'Mask of Youth' to the meat dress adorned by Lady Gaga. With a number of full bleed pages, exquisite photos and essays, this book is a wonderful guide on the history of fashion.  Buy Now

3) Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon by Megan Hess

COCO Chanel Along with fashioning her trademark tweed jackets and little black dresses, Coco Chanel has shaped the idea of luxury and style in the world of fashion.  This book features magnificent illustrations by Megan Hess that render iconic moments in the history of the brand such as the life of Coco Chanel and the essence of Karl Lagerfeld as the creative director for Chanel. The book also features illustrations of quintessential Chanel products such as their luxurious handbags, perfumes and little black dresses as well as quotes from Chanel and Lagerfeld themselves. Buy this book to step into the magical world and history of Coco Chanel as well as the iconic brand itself.  Buy Now

4) The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider's Guide to Careers in Fashion

The Teen Vogue Struggling with interning in the fashion industry? Do you also dream of making it big in the world of fashion? Buy this book to indulge in a blend of alluring photographs and important career advice.  Divided into 6 sections; designers, editors, beauty, stylists, photographers and models, the book features profiles on renowned icons in each field such as Mark Jacobs and Bruce Weber. The book also features interviews and advice from assistants and others just starting out in the industry. Buy this book for an insider's knowledge of what it takes to make it in the fashion industry,  Buy Now

5) The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman by Christian Dior

The Little Dictionary of Fashion Buy this bestselling book by Christian Dior now in a special edition that is cloth bound. This book is inscribed and illustrated with style and fashion advice by the renowned designer, Christian Dior. The book is described to be of 'great practical use to women,' due to its many explanations of everyday fashion conundrums such as how to walk gracefully and how to tie a scarf.  Buy Now

6) My Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book for Drawing, Creating and Dreaming by Nina Chakrabarti

My Wonderful World of Fashion Do you want a fashion colouring book for fashionistas of all ages? My wonderful world of fashion serves as a notebook for fashion girls where they can doodle, colour and discover what inspires them. This book encourages a great deal of creativity and thinking by delivering pages filled with unfinished deigns and tasks that inspire the readers to delve into the world of fashion and create art. Buy Now

5 elegant crop tops to wear to your next night out.

1. Embellished fringe crop tops, Asos £30.00

  2. Leaf print crop top, Lavish £38.00   3. Laser cut crop top, Boohoo £10   4. Sequined crop top, Forever 21 Now:£11.99   5. Mesh Sleeve Crop Top, Boohoo £18.00

4 DIY Hair Masks To Try This Fall

Our hair reacts differently in all weathers. In the cold weathers we may face dry and frizzy hair, and in the heat, the humidity can take over. For all those days where our hair can feel damaged and in need of some nourishment, here are some simple DIY’s that you can make using 3 simple ingredients.

All 4 hair masks simply require you to massage the product into your hair followed by wrapping your hair in a towel or a shower cap to soak for 15 minutes. Then, thoroughly rinse out with lukewarm water and wash your hair using a shampoo and conditioner of your choice.



Banana - Hair Mask

What makes this good: Bananas and avocados contain potassium which is an important mineral for growth and keeping your hair strong. Bananas are also great for moisturising your hair keeping it feeling smooth and soft.

 All you need:

1 ripe banana

1 ripe avocado

3 tbsp coconut milk

Steps: Mash up the banana and avocado in a bowl. Add the coconut milk and mix it all up into a paste. Apply immediately to the hair.



Honey Oil - Hair Mask

What makes this good: The olive oil will help hydrate and is a great treatment for dry, damaged hair. Honey helps to moisturise your hair making it silky and full of life.

 All you need:

2 tbsp honey

4 tbsp olive oil

 Steps: Mix the two ingredients and massage into damp hair from the roots to the ends.



Avocados - Hair Mask


What makes this good: Avocados are filled with vitamin A and B which increases your hair growth whilst keeping it healthy.

 All you need:

1 avocado

2 tbsp olive oil

1/2 a cup of milk

 Steps: Mash the avocado, then add the milk and olive oil. Mix well and your mask is ready!



Oatmeal - Hair Mask

What makes this good: Now even though this one can be a tad messy, it is a great and simple mask that results in shiny revived hair.

All you need:

1/2 cup of oats (if your hair is very long, I recommend a whole cup)

2 tbsp coconut oil

1/4 cup of milk

 Steps: Simply mix all the ingredients together and the mask is ready to use!


So there you go. 4 easy and quick masks to give you healthy, strong hair.


Enjoy making your own ones!

4 Celebrity Outfits You Can Recreate This Fall!

Lets face it, we would all love to pull off our ripped jeans like Gigi Hadid and style our crop tops like Taylor Swift. However, with their HQ images and luxury handbag collections, it can often be intimidating to recreate these iconic outfits. These celebrities achieve their trendy ensembles by creating clever combinations of high street and high end products. Hence, with the right balance of  affordable garments and key luxury pieces, you too can fashion a chic and trendy look. Lyst is a great online platform that you can employ to look for and buy both high-street and high-end products. Discover how to recreate the best celebrity outfits of Instagram below: 1) Gigi Hadid's Polished Yet Casual Combination

New Celebrity Style Dresses

Image: Instagram/gigihadid

Gigi Hadid wears comfortable and casual better than anyone else. She manages to elevate her workout tights and sporty buns into the hottest enviable street styles. In this ensemble, the 21-year-old model gives her polished blouse and suede heels a relaxed touch by pairing them with excessively ripped jeans.   Shop the look below:        Cheaper Alternative:  
2) Blake Lively's Embellished Ensemble
Latest Fashion Trends For Women

Image: Instagram/blakelively

Blake Lively mirrors her former TV persona in Gossip Girl through this embellished outfit. She marries beautifully subtle colours for a perfect formal day time look. Moreover, her pastel clutch adds a perfect pop of colour without stealing focus from the gorgeous Ellie Saab dress. Shop the look below:            Cheaper Alternatives:     3) Selena Gomez's Denim and Suede Combo
Latest Fashion Trends For Women

Image: Instagram/selenagomez

Selena Gomez reflects her super peppy and endearing personality through this adorable outfit. The over-the-knee suede boots perfectly help transition the denim mini into the Fall season while the animal print sunglasses add a quirky twist to the outfit.     4) Gigi Hadid's Sophisticated All Black Look
Latest Fashion Trend 2016

Image: Instagram/gigihadid

Gigi Hadid shows us the perfect way to rock a monochrome outfit. She substitutes texture with colour by wearing a leather skirt and suede boots. The silver buttons on her skirt and the belt serve as  flawless embellishments to this look.           Cheaper Alternative:     Disclaimer: This post was created in collaboration with Lyst. All opinions and product choices are my own.

3 Unique Ways To Style A Slip Dress

Fashion Blogger Ieva Balandina from Otterly Me shows us how to style a slip dress in 3 unique ways: Before, it was just a garment you'd wear to bed. However, ever since the 'It Girls' strutted down the streets in the slip dress, every retailer started to sell at least one version of this iconic dress this season. Personally, I find it difficult to rock the boudoir style in the streets, but if you're a fashion enthusiast, you'll try anything out there! My take on how to style a slip dress is quite simple and easy as I believe the dress speaks for itself. Still, you have to pay attention on what fabrics, styles and colours you style with to make sure you don't look like you forgot to wear an actual dress over your slip. By changing up the look with a t-shirt, a jeans jacket and some fabulous accessories, the dress can be so versatile that you can style it from day-to-night. You can wear it while going grocery shopping or even out on a date night. So, here's my take on how to style the iconic slip dress, step by step. Celebrity Dresses UK   Look 1: Casual Lunch Style your slip dress with a cute patterned tee for a casual day look perfect for lunch! Celebrity Inspired Dresses Summer Fashion in UK   Look 2: Shopping Day Style your slip dress a denim jacket and sneakers for a comfy outfit perfect for a long day of shopping or hanging out with your friends! Celebrity Style Dresses Online   Celebrity Fashion Dresses   Look 3: Date Night Wear your slip dress with simple and elegant accessories and a statement bag. Tie your hair for a cleaner and more formal look. Add black ballet flats to complete your look. Celebrity Fashion Online UK Fashion Websites Visit Otterly Me for more fashion and styling tips!

3 DIY Face Masks for Healthy and Luscious Skin

There's no denying that we are all crazy for face masks. Wether they come in the form of clay or sheets, we cannot resist the reviving results they muster deep within our skin. As summer comes to a close, it is time to recover our skin from the blatant sun rays that can often cause our skin tone to become uneven and dappled. Even though it is hard to resist being pampered in the salon, it is not always a plausible option. This is where DIY masks save the day. Wether you are away on vacation, have a busy work schedule or are simply saving up, DIY face masks are a great alternative to give your skin a healthy glow. 1 . Coconut Oil & Brown Sugar Exfoliating Mask Coconut Oil Mask Benefits: This mask is ideal for restoring lost moisture to your skin. The brown sugar works as an exfoliator and removes dead skin from the face while the coconut oil packs moisture and gives your face a healthy glow. Ingredients & Method: 

  • Mix equal parts of brown sugar and coconut oil to form a scrub
  • Apply the scrub to your face and gently exfoliate in small circular motions
  • Let the coconut oil sink in for 2-3 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water
  2 . Strawberry & Lemon Brightening Mask Strawberry Mask Benefits: This strawberry and lemon mask is ideal for oily skin as it helps brighten your face as well as cleans and tightens your pores. Furthermore, strawberries are extremely beneficial in curing acne prone skin. Ingredients & Method: 
  • Mix a 1/4 cup of mashed strawberries with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon yogurt
  • Apply the the spread evenly on face and let it set for 10 minutes
  • Wipe off with a damp cloth or rinse with cool water
  3 . Avocado & Coconut Oil Hydrating  Mask Avocado MaskBenefits: Avocados not only make a tasty snack but are also extremely nourishing and enriching. This mask is perfect for dry skin as the avocado and coconut oil lock in moisture for a healthy and dewy glow. Ingredients & Method: 
  • Mash half an avocado using the back of a fork until you get a smooth and creamy texture
  • Mix the avocado mixture with 2 tablespoons of honey and 1/2 a teaspoon of coconut oil
  • Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water

Enjoy your healthy glow!

2015 Emmy Awards Best Looks.


Taraji P. Henson dressed in custom Alexander Wang

Image source  

Heidi Klum in Versache

Image source  

Christina Hendricks in Naeem Khan

Image source  

Anna Chlumsky in Bibhu Mohapatra

Image source  

Amanda Peet in Michael Kors

Image source  

Sarah Hyland in Zac Posen  

Jolie Bowen in black mermaid gown  

Amy Poehler in Michael Kors    

Gina Rodriguez in Lorena Sarbu  

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Oscar De La Renta

Image source  

Felicity Huffman in a navy blue gown

Image source

17 Hair Colours Worn By Kylie Jenner

Just like the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner is constantly seen making headlines with her relationships, rumoured lip enhancements and most recently, her successful new cosmetics brand, Kylie Cosmetics. The 19 year old has truly evolved from solely being a reality star to ruling the realm of social media. She is followed by millions on Snapchat and Instagram and remains extremely popular for her large collection of quirky coloured wigs that she often styles in her pictures. Here is a collection of 17 of the best Kylie Jenner hairstyles featured on her Instagram account:

13 luxury totes for under £400!

Sometimes it can feel like no matter how many bags we buy, it is never enough! However, everything comes at a price and high-end products aren't exactly pocket friendly. At Dreaming In Lace we believe that the right combination of high-street and luxury products are the key to looking polished and chic. Here is a list of 13 luxury totes that will enhance your outfit without the big splurge:


13 Chic Trousers You Can Wear To Work

Trousers are an extremely underrated component of our daily outfits. We are always looking for the hottest dresses, the cutest skirts and the highest heels on the high-street while never paying much attention to the available trousers. However, since the incredible culottes craze of 2015, these stylish pair of pants are still making headlines everyday. A lot of celebrities and fashion bloggers have since been seen styling outfits that focus on the trousers. Available in a range of materials, cuts, fits and colours, trousers are an incredibly versatile garment that can easily transition from day-to-night and are an incredibly popular choice for work wear. However, instead of wearing the same boring black pair of pants 5 days a week, we have a list of trousers you can use to mix up your work style! Here is a list of 13 trousers that you can wear to work for a chic yet work appropriate look:  


13 Adorable Asos Swimsuits for under £25!

We are now in the midst of summer of 2016 and everyone is dreaming of dressing down in a fun swimsuit, putting on flip flops, and sipping tropical cocktails near the beach. Fulfil your summer dream and look fab sunbathing on splashing waves in these adorable yet affordable swimsuits!  

  1. Scuba Animal Textured Peplum Bikini Top, £22.00
 (Bottoms available here)   2. Paisley Swimsuit With Back Detail, £20.00    4. Hawaiian Print Frill Bikini Top, £20.00  (Bottoms available here)     5. Fringe Bikini Top, £14.99 (Bottoms available here) 7. Tropical Print Wrap Triangle Bikini Top, £18.00 (Bottoms available here) Asos Adorable Swimsuits   8. Plunge Halter Neck Swimsuit, £20.00 Affordable Swimsuits   9. Sequin Bikini Top, £17.99 (Bottoms available here) Affordable Swimsuits in UK   10. Mono Print Tassle Trim Wrap Crop Bikini Top, £20.00 (Bottoms available here) Print Crop Bikini Top   11. Red One Shoulder Frill Swimsuit, £20.00 Best Celebrity Swimsuits   12. Colour Block Bikini Top, £12.99 Black Bikini Top   13. White Lazer Cut Swimsuit, £22.00 Latest Swimsuit For Women