Colour, Draw, Doodle, Learn and Design Fashion with this book!

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Who says colouring is only for the young? Imagine having a book where you could colour and draw into the world’s greatest fashion inventions.

Nina Chakrabarti has presented the world with two books pack full of exquisite fashion illustrations that inspire the readers to create and design their own accessories, garments and patterns. Fashioning your own henna design, creating sequined jackets, inventing unique hairstyles and learning about renowned designers such as Elsa Schiaparelli are just some of the activities available in the books.

The books are also full of fun fashion advise such as how to tie a handkerchief into a head scarf, how to die a t-shirt and how to tie a sari. Moreover, the books celebrate old cultures by illustrating fragments of their hairstyles, clothing and accessories.

Here is a glimpse into ‘My Wonderful World of Fashion,’ and ‘My Even More Wonderful World Of Fashion’ by Nina Chakrabarti:

World of Fashion
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Fashion Books 2016
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