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Fashion is commonly recognised as a means of expressing oneself. However, this multi-billion dollar industry possesses the ability to do much more.

Through his capsule collection, ‘Les Nudes’ Louboutin employs fashion as a catalyst to diminish racial ignorance and reshape the interpretation of ‘nude.’

Christian Louboutin, the French born designer famous for his signature red tinted soles, has stores in over twenty countries that are distributed in five continents and cater to multiple nationalities. Before 2013, the only shade obtainable as‘nude,’ by the women belonging to these various races was a pale peach and was chronicled to be ‘flesh toned.’ Numerous other designers and high street brands manipulate the idea of the colour ‘nude’ in shoes, undergarments and makeup by vending a soft beige colour that would only be fitting for a restricted percentage of the caucasian race. However, Louboutin revolutionised the market for flesh coloured products by launching a capsule collection in 2013 that allowed women of every colour to customise the tone nude to their own skin tone. This collection for further expanded in 2015.

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This was a monumental breakthrough in the fashion industry as the vast gap in the market had been filled by the 5 simple shades of nude. An accompanying app was introduced in order to allow consumers to match their skin tone with a particular shoe. This entitled each woman to benefit from the shoes being a ‘fluid extension of’ their legs and hence elongating their frame by merging into themselves.

To introduce this priceless notion, Louboutin employed some of there most iconic shoes such a as the Fifi and the Kate and relaunched them in a greater assortment of nude shades. These styles have been proffered as classic Louboutin shoe designs for many years and have now been reimagined to fit a greater number of women, etching the brand profoundly global.

This strategy is sincerely modern as the shoes have become a global phenomena. The brand took pre-existing iconic shoes and transformed the into an abstract form of social commentary. Louboutin has fabricated a revolution which will remind other high end and high street brands to use the expression ‘nude’ conscientiously.

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