How To Successfully Intern In The World Of Fashion

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Through the first two years of my undergraduate education at London College of Fashion, I have interned four times, been offered eight internships, and applied to multiple ones in the world of fashion.

However, first lets stop and face the cold hard truth. Finding a good fashion internship, specially in India, is as rare as finding a comfortable pair of Zara ballet pumps. I too started off thoroughly stumped on how to form a resume, how to write a cover letter and how to find the right internships to apply to.

Beginning to apply for your first internship can be a scary endeavour, however the right technique stirred with a kickass resume can take you very far.

The steps of successfully interning in the world of fashion:

  • Form a CV
  • Discover and study available internships online.
  • Form a cover letter according to the internship you’re applying for
  • Send in your application (with links to a portfolio where applicable)
  • Attend the interview

1. Forming a CV

A good CV should outline your education history, any past work experience, your interests and any skills or techniques  you specialise in such as photography, Adobe Photoshop or blogging. The interests and skills you list can be and should be adapted for each internship you apply for. Concentrate on making your CV look formal and professional by choosing an appropriate font and template.

2. Finding internships online

Websites for finding and applying to fashion internships:



These websites list internships, placements, apprenticeships, part time and full time jobs in the fashion industry and can be used to apply for a range of high street and high end brands, magazines and studios.

3. Forming a cover letter

Your cover letter can make or break you. It is advisable to modify and alter your cover letter for each internship or job you apply to. Certain skills and experiences should be highlighted depending on what kind of job you’re applying for.

For the cover letter that I write, I always make sure to talk about three things.

  1. My education background and how those skills will help me in the internship
  2. My interning experience in the past
  3. What I understand about the brand and why I would be an ideal candidate

In my experience I have found that a cover letter can be more important than your resume. If your cover letter explicitly showcases your knowledge of the brand and how your education and experience makes you a perfect candidate for an internship position, you are pretty much guaranteed an interview.

4. Apply

This step is pretty standard. Send in your application with your CV and your cover letter to the email address provided on the website.

You can also apply for internships that are not listed. Simply go on the website of the firm you want to apply to and find their email address for career inquiries.

5. Interview

It can seem daunting, but the interview is the simplest step to getting an internship. In my experience, if they call you, they are already impressed with your resume and the interview’s main purpose is to discover your aims through this internship and to explain to you what your daily duties might be. Just seem confident and sure of your intent to intern and ask questions about your job description or about the business in general.

If you are offered an internship, it is essential to make contacts and get to know people in the industry through your time as an intern. This helps you connect with and understand other areas of the fashion industry and the relationships you form will help you further break into the world of fashion and establish yourself.

Internships can seem tedious and demanding but they are the first step to walking into the fashion industry. So kick back your sneakers, put on your high heels and step into this phenomenal world of mode.

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