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As a middle school history student I often used to wonder how learning about what had already passed and ceased to exist would be valuable to us. As I grew up, I acquired that we constantly employ history and our past to draw inspiration from, wether it may be in the field of healthcare, art, gastronomy, fashion, music or even our own personal lives.

hrough the past decade there have been many examples of choosing an iconic object or technique from the 20th century and recreating it to adapt to the modern market. This process of reinventing gives life to a dead product or technique as well as tingles the consumer’s emotions as it gives us a sense of nostalgia, hence giving it an intangible edge.

Last season, for SS15, Ferragamo rendered a similar approach where the brand picked some of the most iconic shoes fabricated in the early 20th century and reinterpreted their unique features in a contemporary fashion. The renowned “rainbow wedge” designed for Judy Garland in 1938 was reinvented in three distinctive forms, the ‘Matilda,’ the ‘Matisse’ and the ‘Miley.’ All three of these wedges are inspired by the 1938 wedge but are augmented by fusing adept workmanship with improved technology such as high frequency.

Photo courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo Photo courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo

These shoes illustrate enhanced contrast of raw materials against precious materials such as leather with linen and lizard with canvas. Instead of the vivid hues used for the Garland wedge, these wedges are submerged in neutral hues of black, white and cream. These colours are further elevated by the glow of metals used on the buckle, making it a modern combination of subtle and luminous. Available in three individual styles, such as an open-toed sandal and a thong sandal, consumers can choose a style most suitable to their lifestyle and liking.

There are multiple benefits of drawing inspiration from the past, but the paramount advantage in this case comes from allowing customers to purchase modern products with a rich history, hence selling a bit more than just the tangible product itlsef, as the customer becomes a part of this iconic product’s story.

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    September 3, 2015 at 11:13 am

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